Zusammen mit Eddy and the Backfires und Royal Flush entstand in 2019 die Idee eines gemeinsamen Albumprojekts. Das "Rock’n’Roll Triple Bombardement" war geboren.


Das Konzept ist ganz simpel, jede Band interpretiert jeweils zwei Songs der anderen beiden Bands auf seine Art neu.


Jetzt erhätlich.


Hey Fellas,

together with "Eddy and the Backfires" and "Royal Flush" the idea of a joint album project was born in 2019. The "Rock'n'Roll Triple Bombardment" was born.

The concept is quite simple, each band reinterprets two songs of the other two bands in its own way.

The silver disc should already be available on 15.10.2022 for our joint planned release show. Since the new date for 2023 is not fixed yet, we decided together not to withhold the album from you any longer and to release it.


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Rock’n’Roll Triple Bombardement CD

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